NFT/PFP, Kingdom of the Laughing Man

NFT/PFP, Kingdom of the Laughing Man

Yue Minjun, a prominent contemporary artist, takes a bold step into the world of Web3 with his groundbreaking multi-chapter project, Kingdom of the Laughing Man. The inaugural drop, titled “Boundless,” introduces an innovative fusion of blockchain technology and Yue Minjun’s iconic self-portrait style. The artist breaks tradition by leveraging the power of blockchain and the Profile Picture (PFP) model.


The Adventurous Kingdom of the Laughing Man: Yue Minjun, known for his distinctive portrayal of grinning self-portraits, has been a blue-chip contemporary artist for years. Now, with Kingdom of the Laughing Man, he ventures into the world of Web3 with an adventurous and daring spirit. This multi-chapter project promises to captivate art enthusiasts and collectors alike, as it intertwines art, technology, and blockchain in unprecedented ways.

Boundless Collection: Boundless, the first drop in Yue Minjun’s Kingdom of the Laughing Man, is a testament to the artist’s willingness to explore new territories. In this collection, each piece reinterprets Yue Minjun’s self-portraits through the prism of blockchain technology. The integration of unique and fun traits in his iconic style breathes new life into his artworks.

Traditionally overlooked by conventional art circles, this model allows the artist to release 999 unique 1/1 works. Each piece holds inherent value and stands as a coveted item for art collectors. By embracing the blockchain-powered PFP model, Yue Minjun reshapes the perception of art in the digital era.

“Boundless” goes beyond being a mere collection; does it symbolizes a paradigm shift in the art world?Renowned traditional artists are now embracing Web3 technologies, bringing their creativity and masterpieces into the digital landscape. The fusion of art and blockchain technology opens up new avenues for artists to connect with collectors and enthusiasts worldwide.


I’ve explored numerous media with my art over the years. This new digital frontier excites me the most as I can bring my art to life in a way that I haven’t been able to with physical media. In Web3 I can create a new engaging experience and relationship with the next generations of art collectors shaping the art world of the future.



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