Collection: Li Jikai

Born in 1975 in Chengdu, China and graduated with MFA from Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, China in 2004. Currently works in the Animation Department of Hubei Academy of Fine Arts in China.

Represented yearly with solo exhibitions in Asia primarily in China and participated in several Group exhibitions worldwide and have published many catalogues with his art since 2006.

Li Jikai feels like painting pictures with fresh colors, just like on-other side of himself. This boy that always is featured in his paintings never grow old and looks the same in most paintings. This boy discovers the world and it not always happy, rather dark and stiff, just like life. This reflect a stage the artist is coming through, before the age when he was confused and uncertain. The paintings remember clearly these last thirty odd years how he became someone familiar and unfamiliar with himself. The placed life, as well as the untimely panic, each constitute a real moment