Collection: Li Jisen

Li Jisen was born 1970 in Tianjin City. He graduated 1992 from Tianjin Academy of fine Arts and in 1994 from Central Academy of Fine Arts. He currently lives and works as a professional artist. Many exhibitions in China, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and USA.

In Li Ji Sen’s art, an individual portrait and a group portrait are symbolized  in various ways through the relations among facial expressions, the hand, the composition and the background. Through the symbols in his work admirers to his work will meet as aspect of the artist’s deep contemplation of human beings and social relations. This meeting will give visitors a chance to see different ways of the self-reflection of an artist who is from the same oriental as the viewers but whose nation upholds a different ideology.

As a Chinese art critic commented, his paintings encompass” every kind and description of people in modern society and certainly belongs to the group of Chinese artists that ride on the Cynical Realism type of symbols.