Collection: Victor Rosdahl

Viktor Rosdahl was born in Helsingborg 1980 and now lives and work in Malmö / Eslöv.
He studied at the Art academy in Malmö and at the Royal Art academy in Stockholm by graduating and getting his exam in 2007.

Viktor creates visual stories about the society seen from ideologic personal perspective. He connects his art with mythology and politics from the past and present and use material that appears in his daily life and connect to stories. “He wants to work with a visual story that reflects on today’s society, about politics, about burning issues. I also want to lift up persons that are misplaced on the outer side”.
He also likes to paint landscape or high mountains lately.

His art is collected of many museums in Sweden including Moderna Museet in Stockholm.

He has had many gallery exhibitions, primarily by Christian Larsen in Stockholm Arnstedt in Båstad, Thomas Wallner in Simris and Cora Hillebrand in Göteborg.